Instant® Air Purifier

Instant® Air Purifier

Inhale cleaner air, exhale peace of mind with your Instant® Air Purifier.

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1) Based on testing of SARS-CoV-2 conducted in laboratory conditions, using a 13 cubic foot chamber to protect scientists from exposure. Not proven to prevent COVID-19. Performance was measured after 10 air exchanges passing through the air purifier operating at its minimum fan speed and with plasma ion technology on. Actual results of treated air may vary, depending on usage environment (temperature, humidity, room size and shape, nature and number of particulates in air, etc.), placement of the unit, and product usage (operation duration, operation mode, etc.). Best results with continuous use. For more testing info, go to /airpurifiers/testing


2) Sensors have a margin of error of +/- 20 micrograms per cubic meter in detecting changes in air quality.


3) Efficacy in removing viruses and bacteria is reduced.